About us

Carlyle Drilling is more than a fantastic fleet and great machinery.

We believe the the workmanship and professionalism of our people is what drives our business. We persevere when jobs get challenging to get the result you need. We apply the range of skills we have within the company to get the best outcomes for our customers.

Water is elusive, and finding it deep within the ground is a challenge that we are all to eager to take.  Carlyle Drilling is one of the longest established companies in the Bay of Plenty region, and also operates nationwide.  We take pride in our work and place customer satisfaction as our top priority.

Our track record is one of the best in the business; we have completed a large number of well drilling projects of widely varying requirements throughout the country. No matter the size or complexity of the job, we are confident that our welldrillers can finish on time, on budget, and with excellent results.

With our industry experience and complete range of deep well drilling equipment, you will not find a better partner for your project.  You can trust Carlyle Drilling to handle all your water well drilling needs.

Our Team

We have a range of skills across our team that we apply to ensure our customers get a good quality result.

All staff have a part to play and work together to ensure a successful outcome.

We recognise that Water Well drilling involves more than just drilling a hole in the ground and train our drillers accordingly. The knowledge required to identify aquifers as drilling progresses and other key water well skills are passed on from experienced team members to trainee drillers.

Our major contracts are Project Managed. Key aspects include budget and time management, and Safety, Quality, and Environmental Management.

Our History

Carlyle Drilling is operated by a third generation driller. First it was Grandad, then Dad, and these days the company lies in the hands of the son Mark, who now manages and carries on the family tradition of working the land. The machinery, skills, and experiences that have been handed down to Mark over the years all contribute to the solid reputation Carlyle drilling has established since as far back as 1965.

If you need to find water, contact us today!

We are proud members of the NZ Drillers Federation

Water Well drilling is the epitome of what kiwi’s call hard yakka. Big machinery, tough conditions and the added aim of finding water. You need to be alert and have good endurance to implement and carry out a water well drilling project, as there are many variables when working outside and when working with such a mysterious resource as underground water. But, we’re not complaining. In fact we thrive on the challenges we face, and you can be sure that we will supply you with a passionate team, completely committed to giving you a good result.