Bore Drilling Services


That you're working with the best.

If you are looking for bore drillers that you can count on, Carlyle Drilling is up to the task.  Take a look at our bore database and case studies to see our previous work, or get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you specifically.  One of our friendly team members would be glad to answer any question you might have.


For the best possible outcome for your project.

The professionalism and expertise of our people, combined with top of the line machinery, put our water bore drilling operations in a league of their own.  We are proud members of the NZ Drillers Federation, and seek to uphold the reputation of reliability that we have built over the years.  As a customer, your interests always come first, so we take every measure to get the best possible outcome for your project.


You can experience the best results, time after time.

Carlyle Drilling has extensive experience in drilling bores throughout New Zealand, and we are always looking for new and challenging projects.  From local government contracts to farms in the Bay of Plenty, our clients come from every possible background.  Why take a chance?  Go with the company that many others have chosen and have delivered excellent results time and time again.

Ask us about our services

  • Test / Pilot Bore Drilling
  • Production Bore Drilling
  • Bore Reaming
  • Bore Casing
  • Screen Installation
  • Bore Development
  • Test Pumping
  • Bore Monitoring
  • Redeveloping old Bores

If you need to find water, contact us today!