Our Equipment

we don't just drill holes we find water

Carlyle Drilling has a range of rigs to cater for small to large water well projects. Our rigs are maintained to a high standard, giving your project a faster and better quality result.

With our range of rigs we can choose a rig to suit your job and the local geology.  Our rigs are supported by a variety of equipment including dedicated mud pumps, grout pump, compressors, generators, welders, separators, and mud tanks. Our support fleet includes rod trucks, water trucks, flat deck trucks, hiab crane trucks, excavators, and utes. You want water and we have the infrastructure, experience and ability to make it happen.

When it comes to handling drilling machinery it pays to take extremely good care of it, in fact we think It’s just common sense. Regular preventative maintenance checks are carried out during jobs, and major maintenance is completed between projects. A well maintained fleet keeps running longer and ensures we can maintain the quality of workmanship that meets our standards.


For medium to large municipal, industrial, farm and irrigation water wells.

The Foremost is our most powerful machine, there’s no job too big for this water hungry beast. The versatility of the dual rotary drives enable simultaneous drilling and casing, which saves you time and money. The Foremost achieves excellent results in sand, gravel, cobble and boulders and is capable of drilling wells up to 600mm in diameter or down to 1000m in depth. The Foremost is also ideal for dewatering wells and construction foundation piling projects. When we have a big job that needs doing, the Foremost is who we turn to.

GD 1400

Medium to large municipal, industrial, farm and irrigation water wells.

The GD has proven itself time and again to be up for any challenge it comes across. With this proven track record and over 400 jobs under its belt, the GD is undoubtedly reliable. Capable of drilling wells up to 250mm wide and down to 750m deep, the GD is a large capacity rig with good performance, particularly in solid rock.


Small to medium farm, irrigation and domestic water wells.

The Cyclone is a simple machine that is extremely efficient. It is well suited to coastal environments but also performs superbly through gravel and boulders. With the Cyclone, casing can be advanced alternately with drilling to keep the hole open. The Cyclone has been added to and upgraded over the years to become a highly effective water well drilling machine.

If you need to find water, contact us today!