Farm, Irrigation & Domestic Services


So you can have your own supply.

Take care of your farm and your family and gain the confidence to sustain your livelihood. We know how important having a quality water supply is to your piece of mind so you can get on with managing all the aspects that need taking care of on your farm. We have been drilling holes and finding water for over 30 years and we have the right equipment for your job, big or small.


So you can keep growing.

Take advantage of establishing a self sufficient natural resource that gives your business what it needs to keep growing. We have compiled a comprehensive database with information on over 1800 bores we have worked on. Our database and local knowledge help us find water for you.


So your business can thrive.

Grow your business with the aid of a water well drilling company that knows what water means to your business. We are long standing members of the NZ Drillers Federation. We believe in sticking to our word. We have the skills, experience, and machinery to ensure you get the best result. But if you want to know what really inspires us after all these years, we reckon you can’t beat the grin that creeps onto your face the moment we find you water.

Ask us about our services

  • Test / Pilot Bore Drilling
  • Production Bore Drilling
  • Bore Reaming
  • Bore Casing
  • Screen Installation
  • Bore Development
  • Test Pumping
  • Bore Monitoring
  • Redeveloping old Bores

If you need to find water, contact us today!