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Production Bore (Bay of Plenty)
Production Bore (Bay of Plenty)
Production Bore (Waikato)
Monitoring Bores (Bay of Plenty)
Monitoring Bores (Bay of Plenty)
Bay Of Plenty
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Production Bore (Bay of Plenty)
Supply a Municipal Water Scheme
This project involved drilling and testing of a Production Bore for Municipal Supply. Carlyle Drilling was experienced in the key technical aspects of the project, and had drilled over 25 bores within a 3km radius of the bore site. A small bore was drilled into the upper aquifer to provide water for drilling and to provide a supply for the locals during pumping testing. A 100mm pilot bore was drilled to determine the geology and target aquifer depth. From the results of this trial bore the screen design and location was developed. Conductor casing was installed at the top of the Production Bore to stabilise the bore and allow grouting of the 250mm casing in place. The final bore was cased to a depth of 104m, and a 60m length of screen installed. The bore was developed to produce over 150 cubic metres per hour of water. Carlyle Drilling also completed a 12 day pumping test, including monitoring of 8 other bores.

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